When you’re about to enter into unknown territory, you need

more than a guidebook. You need someone you can trust.

How We Invest

We concentrate in investing in early stage traditional and startup companies specialize in agriculture, retails, F&B and Technologies.

As a boutique investment company with limited resources, we channel our investment to the most viable businesses.

When we believe in your vision and your team, we get conviction quickly. We aren’t afraid to assume the responsibilities of  seed investors. When we commit, we leverage our relationships with other early-stage investors to help you fill your round with the best, most useful investors.

*While cash is important, entrepreneurs choose to work with us for the help, support and useful advice we provide. 

We invest at fair valuations on fair terms with total transparency (when your term sheets are clean, there’s nothing to hide). All companies and valuations are different. We are flexible on check size based on your needs, but as a general rule: Our average initial investment is $50,000; it can be as low as $50,000 or as high as $200,000. We aim for an initial ownership position between 7% and 20%.

We stay deeply involved with the founding team throughout the most intense period of a company’s life: the early years. As new investors join the board, we transition out to make room. Even then, we remain supportive and available to the team for the whole journey — no matter what the outcome. Over the years, we have seen successful entrepreneurs come back to us for funding two or three times.

Whether we are the lead of your round, or a member of the syndicate, we often recommend to add an investor seat to the board at seed stage. It’s not about taking control — it will remain in your hands. But it will help you get in the habit of managing a board in advance of your Series A. It is not an absolute must, but if we are your largest investor, we’ll be happy to take a board seat.

What We Invest In

We look for outliers and out-performers who use truly make values to others.

You didn’t need to be the biggest; it mattered more to us that we got the best results while maintaining integrity, humility, and fairness. We require these values of everything we do, and of anyone we partner with.

Our Focus
We’re looking for dedicated, passionate entrepreneurs who are committed to make a better world.



Food & Beverage

Tech or SaaS

Or something new, we guess...

How We Work

Starting up a company is not easy. The journey of transforming idea into real business is a pain taking process and requires a lot of grits. You need strong supporters who will help you work through challenges, eliminate roadblocks, offer a different perspective, and cheer when some great news is delivered. We strive to provide that support to our partners.

No two businesses look alike, so we don’t deliver prescriptive formulas on how to build or scale. We work with you one-on-one to develop a custom plan to help you achieve your specific goals — and we adjust together as often as necessary. We also bring resources from our network so you can talk to experts about challenges you are facing.

We are transparent and straightforward. Sometimes that means encouraging and supporting you to keep going; sometimes that means telling you a truth that might be hard to hear, but has your best interests in mind. We’ll also cheer for you and challenge you to do more when we think you have the potential.

Your first few hires are among the most important ones you ever make. As a first-time founder hiring for positions you’ve never held, knowing what to look for can be daunting. Attracting the best people to work for your unproven startup is a tough sell. We help you scope, evaluate, and close candidates so you can scale your team with confidence.

The first 18 months of your company’s life are critical. It’s not just about surviving; it’s about learning a lot, fast, in a hyper-competitive environment to build the infrastructure of your future business — people, product, technology, processes. How do we know we’re making a difference? Our follow-on investors consistently tell us our companies have stronger foundations and fundamentals than many of their peers — giving them an unfair competitive advantage.

We have started our business from the scratch with a lot of painful experiences and thus we will make sure you wont learn your lesson from the same way.

We built a thriving community around the idea of “sharing the bread” — everyone has something of value to contribute. We commit to do business bigger than ourselves. We always balance the interest of our company performance and social impact. We do business  with kindness and there are certain industries we don’t touch.

Our History


Mr. Son Nguyen and his team have been doing business together for several years in different industries. Seeing good opportunities in the fast growing market in Vietnam, Mr. Son decided to form his investment company in early 2018 as a holding company to group all his personal investment under one roof and to explore possibilities for new investment.


Why do we start, how our story drive us here?


The company evolves from an international trading & trade financing company specialized in fertilizer since 2008 to an angel investor started in early 2018.

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