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Welcome to SSG International Pte Ltd

We concentrate in investing in early stage traditional and startup companies specialize in Agriculture, Retails, F&B and Technologies.

We don’t make bets.

We spend great amount of times sharing our values and belief to nurture ideas with partners before engaging in the laboring process of working together for a long period of times.

As a boutique investment company with limited resources, we channel our investment to the most viable businesses.

We do

We do believe that human capital is the greatest asset in any companies. 

We work and live with integrity. And we do business with kindness. We expect the same from companies that we work with.  Together we can make the world a better place.

We don’t just seek out visionaries.

Our mission is to empower the young Vietnamese talents to bring out the best from them through coaching and structuring the right business model.

We didn’t need to be the biggest; it mattered more to us that we got the best results while maintaining integrity, humility, and fairness. We require these values of everything we do, and of anyone we partner with.

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